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Invited Talks


  • 2018 Winter Youth Assembly at the United Nations (New York, USA, 2018) “Blockchain Technologies and Healthcare” panel (link to event:

  • Blockchain in Healthcare West Coast (San Fransisco CA, USA, 2018) entitled: “Building Fine-Grained Blockchains for Patient-Centered Healthcare Delivery Model” (link to event:

  • MGMT E-5408 Breakthrough Innovation with Blockchain Technology- Harvard Extension School Course (Cambridge, USA, 2017) Interview entitled: “Building Healthy Blockchains” (link to interview:

  • Blockchain in Healthcare (Boston MA, USA, 2017) entitled: “Building a Healthy Blockchain for Legacy Systems in Modern Healthcare” (link to event:

  • Science Collaboration Symposium on Cyber Security (Manchester, UK, 2017) entitled: “Towards a Secure Modern Healthcare: Projects, Challenges, and Promises”

  • The Mawhiba-KACST Research Program for Youth in STEM (Riyadh, KSA, 2017) entitled: “Alhayat Jameilah- Life is beautiful” (My Research Journey). 

  • CIAG Information Security Summer School talk (Riyadh, KSA, 2017) entitled: “Painting the Full Picture by Bridging Between Information Assurance & Security”

  • The National Center For Cybersecurity Technologies (C4C) talk (Riyadh, KSA, 2017) entitled: “Conducting Pragmatic Research in the Field of Information Security: How FUN it Can Be?!”

  • Princess Nora bint Abdul Rahman University (PNU) students information security awareness talk (Riyadh, KSA, 2017) entitled: “Information Security Design: Painting The Full Picture” 

  • The Workshop on Cybersecurity Capacity and Capability Building: Research, Innovation and Education Perspective talk (Riyadh, KSA, 2017) entitled: “Breaking the Mould: Preparing the Next Generation of First Line of Cyber Defence Using Education” 

  • KSU, CCIS, Software and Knowledge Engineering Research Group (SKERG) talk (Riyadh, 2017) entitled: “Information Classification Scheme for Next Generation Access Control Models in Mobile Patient-Centered Care Systems” 

  • CoEIA, Biweekly web-casted lectures (Riyadh, 2017) entitled: “Information Classification Scheme for Next Generation Access Control Models in Mobile Patient- Centered Care Systems”

  • KSU, College of Medicine, King Saud University Medical Centre (KSUMC), an invited keynote speaker at the i10X10 “Essentials of Health Informatics” Symposium (Riyadh, 2016) entitled: “mHealth Security: Adoption Enabler or Hinderer?”

  • KSU, CCIS, IT Department, IT 531 Advanced Networks Security MSc. and IT 342 Fundamentals of Multimedia BSc courses talk (Riyadh, 2016) entitled: “Information Security Requirements in Patient-Centred Healthcare Support Systems”

  • CCIS, IT Department, IT 496 Graduation Project 1 BSc. Capstone course talk (Riyadh, 2016) entitled: “Student Guide to System Analysis & Design” 

  • Prince Sultan University (PSU), an invited keynote speaker at the Computer Science for High School (CS4HS) Google Initiative Training Workshops Program hosted by PSU (Riyadh, 2016). Talk entitled: “Technology, Not a Substitute for Teachers but an Enabler for Learning- التقنية شريكة المعلمة في التعليم وليست بديلة عنها!”

  • KSU, CCIS, SKERG talk (Riyadh, 2015) entitled: “Information Security Requirements in Patient-Centred Healthcare Support Systems”

  • Cardiff University, School of Computer Science & Informatics (COMSC), MSc Project Talk (Cardiff, 2010-2015). Talk entitled: “MSc Project, My Story back in 2009”

  • COMSC, Master’s Information, Network and Cyber Security module talk (Cardiff, 2012), entitled: “Information security issues in healthcare collaborative environments”

  • Cardiff University, Medical School, Decision Lab talk (Cardiff, 2012), entitled: “Information Security Requirements for Patient-centric Healthcare Information Systems”

  • Al-Yamamah University, “Let’s Think” Seminar talk (Riyadh, 2007). The seminar targets senior high school students from all over Riyadh City to assist and advise them in planning for their future. I was an IT field representative.

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